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I nearly lost my whole garage when a large tree fell over onto the roof of my garage. I was referred to Adam’s Restoration by a close friend that said they had used them. So I called and they came out right away to look at the garage and what damage there was. They quickly had equipment onsite to remove the fallen tree and help salvage my belongings from the garage. They helped me through the process of my insurance claim and got my garage repaired much faster than i had expected. Thank you all so much for putting my garage back together.

Julie D.

You never think it will happen to you. But it happened to us. We had a house fire that took out almost half of my home. We were devastated. We had no idea what to do. We found Adam’s Restoration and we can’t thank them enough for helping us and easing our minds about how we would rebuild our home. They were there for us, with the insurance people and the gut and rebuild. WOW. We want to thank you for making our home livable again and turning our nightmare into a happy ending.

Greg B.

We had a terrible storm that came through and damaged our property and barn. We searched and found Adam’s and they told us that they could help us fix up the barn and our property. They were awesome and affordable. Their team of men were onsite, on time, and very professional. We were very happy with the workmanship and would certainly tell others about the service we received. Thank you.

Jennifer B.

I had a lot of ice damage to my roof and gutters, and then the inside of my house. I didn’t know how bad it was until the Ice thawed and the water started to enter my house. The walls and ceiling were in bad shape from the water coming in. We were referred to Adam’s and we were very satisfied with the results. They repaired the roof and gutters, and the inside of my home. Looks fantastic Thanks for all your help.

Zack W.

How do you start to thank someone for putting your life back together. We had a sewer back up in our basement. It was horrible. We lost so much. But we called Adam’s and they were out to help us quick. It was amazing. They were on the call with us to the insurance company, they ripped out and cleaned up the mess in our basement and then after a proper cleaning, started rebuilding. We were in awe of the speed and thoroughness of their team. Thank you for helping us put out life back together.

David D.

When you need a clean up after a fire, these guys are the ones! We had a small fire that gutted our family room. Accidents will happen. But these folks were on top of it in no time. They came in, spoke to us about what the steps are to get us from the water and fire damaged family room we were looking at to the end result a restored family room and our family back into the house. They were so good to us, Thank you to the whole team at Adam’s Restoration.

Rob L.

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